• Configurable alerts to get your attention during power loss
  • Don't sleep through your next power outage
  • Flashlight to help guide your way
  • Useful tips for once you've lost power to your home
Storm on the way?? Power Outage Toolkit has all you need before and after the next power outage.

♦ Power Alert lets you know when power is cut to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Don't get caught sleeping while your basement floods and your generator sits idle in the garage. It can be configured to set off an audible alarm, flash your camera LED, or flash your screen. This has all the functionality of those $15 devices sold in home improvement stores!

♦ Once you've lost power, use Power Outage Toolkit's built in flashlight to navigate around your home, start your generator, and get your sump pump running.

♦ Not sure what else to do during a power loss? Power Outage Toolkit has a list of tips that you should be aware of during a power loss event.