• Cut Calculator eliminates wastes and shows you how to cut
  • Great for area and linear projects
  • Input all the cuts you need to make
  • Add the available material lengths from the store
  • Perfect for plywood, molding, pipe and more!
♦♦♦ Winner of This Old House's Top 100: Best New Home Products 2012 ♦♦♦

Ever get to the end of the job and you don't have a piece big enough to finish? Guess what, you didn't plan the cut combinations and now you're heading back to the home improvement store. Not any more with Cut Calculator!

Don't get caught with wrong material estimates again. Cut Calculator will make sure you buy the minimum amount of material, accommodating all of your cut sizes.

Perfect for linear cuts such as baseboard molding, crown molding, pipe, lumber AND area cuts such as plywood or drywall. Cut Calculator will plan your cuts to save you money!


♦ Add all of your cuts in feet, inches and centimeters. You can use fractions or decimal. Even mix between imperial and metric

♦ Add multiple available material sizes. Cut Calculator is going to figure out how to minimize waste with any combination

♦ Add your saw blade width (kerf) and Cut Calculator is smart enough to know that a 3 ft. cut and a 7 ft. cut will no longer work on the same 10 ft. board

♦ For sheet goods, Cut Calculator allows you to factor in wood grain or ignore it, all while optimizing your cut plan

♦ Save your Plans for later, load up old Plans fast and easy

♦ Export your shopping list to email, iMessage, or copy into any App

Avoid one mishap using this App, and Cut Calculator has paid for itself, and then some!!